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Fabrice Caro, known as FabCaro, writes graphic fiction and novels.

Among his plethora of work which kicked off in 1996, highlights include Le Steak haché de Damoclès (2005), La Bredoute (2007) and On est pas là pour réussir (2012).

His success was confirmed with the album Zaï zaï zaï zaï.

In 2016, he wrote the text for the new adventures of Gai-Luron, illustrated by Pixel vengeur (Fluide glacial magazine).

Another standout publication, which combined absurd humour and social satire, came in 2018: Moins qu’hier (plus que demain).

His novel Le Discours (2018) was adapted for the screen by Laurent Tirard in 2020.

In 2022 he published Guacamole vaudou, a humourous photonovel featuring the off-the-wall actor Eric Judor.


Didier Conrad

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Didier Conrad

He was born in 1959 (just like Asterix!) in Marseille.

1973: He started to work in the world of cartoons with Carte Blanche published in Spirou magazine.

1978: He published his first cartoon named Jason with a script by Mythic.

Then he worked with Yann to produce a series of 400 gag strips which were published under the title Les Hauts de Page.

They created the legendary Les Innommables.

1980: Conrad created the humorous parody Bob Marone.

1984: He worked with Commenge (a.k.a. Wilbur) to create L’Avatar, then Le Piege Malais. At the same time, they created a children’s series entitled Donito.

1996: Collaborate with the Dreamworks animation studio to design The road to El Dorado (2000)

Conrad decided to stay in the United States with his family, continuing his career as a cartoonist. Collaborating with Jean Leturgie and Yann (Pierce), he began Kid Lucky, the childhood adventures of Lucky Luke. He also worked on Cotton Kid.

2005: Conrad created a spin-off Tigresse Blanche. This series, co-written with Yann for the first two comic books and with Wilbur for the rest, featured Alix (the innommables), a Chinese spy working in the context of the Chinese civil war between communists and nationalists.

2007: Conrad and Wilbur whisked us away to India for the Raj series, more realistic style of illustration similar to the ‘Ligne Claire’ style.

2011: He and Wilbur created the spin-off series Marsu Kids: the adventures of the different Marsupilami offspring, the legendary animal invented by Franquin.

2013: Conrad was the cartoonist behind the 35th adventure of Asterix: Asterix and the Picts alongside Jean-Yves Ferri who wrote the text. It was an extraordinary adventure for him: “Asterix is a real legend. The chance to draw him with Uderzo’s backing is a childhood dream come true.

This fun-packed book is full of instantly recognisable and awe-inspiring illustrations in incredible colours, making Conrad the perfect choice for the adventures of the little Gaulish hero.

In 2013, the two authors came together at last for the release of the 35th album, to which both had contributed. They went on a two-month European tour together and a friendship was born.

The two authors spent all their time together – every trip, every meal and every evening, discussing but one single subject: a new idea… for the 36th album of Asterix’s adventures: Asterix and the Missing Scroll.

Same again in 2017 and in 2019 with the 37th and 38th albums: Asterix and the Chariot Race and Asterix and the Chieftain’s Daughter.”

In 2021, the double act will be bringing us a new adventure for our favourite Gauls: Asterix and the Griffin, which will be published on 21st October 2021.

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