There was a lot of discussion about the right name for Isivertuus, Caesar’s Chief Medical Officer. The authors quickly realized they wanted his name to reflect his true personality.

They opted for a name that questions whether his intentions are all good: ISIVERTUUS

Isivertuus gives life lessons and he’s a master in the art of trickery and deception, but he only ever has one goal: to dazzle Caesar and spread his teaching all over the world.  And if that means crushing the last Gaulish village still resisting the Roman oppression, who cares!

 How did our authors conceive, construct and bring to life this very colourful well-travelled character who’s come to spread his good word to the village? We asked them!

What sort of personality is Isisvertuus?

Fabcaro: Isivertuus is more than just a thinker, he likes giving other people life lessons, the sort of person who would say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” He has a tendency to communicate ideas with sometimes obscure quotations and aphorisms which give the impression he’s being profound.

Physically, what were your sources of inspiration?

Fabcaro : I pictured someone charming with undeniable charisma, someone who gets the upper hand physically and intellectually with whoever he’s talking to. The editor and I looked for references to give Didier something to work with and we agreed that he should be an older character or someone “with a bit of experience,” as they say. A good-looking man with an intellectual aura. That was when we suggested Bernard-Henri Lévy and Dominique de Villepin as references.